Hello everyone.. I am Zen and I come from Viet Nam where is well-known for a variety of tasty cuisines as well as tourism spots. A month ago, with desiring to get the ielts certificate to study in England I did do alots of researches on the internet by entering English forum or website. However , it was useless because I do not have a productive environment to enhance my command of English. Luckily, I accidentally saw an advertising on billboard about learning English in CIA (Cebu International Academy), Philippines. I tried to get all information about our school and realized that it was the most effective to master second language. Honestly, when talk about CIA, it seems like I am joining an international playground which has eight particular nationalities such as Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Arabian, Russian, Thailand, Mongolia and Taiwanese. It requires students use English as an official one to understand each other.

At first, I was like a fish out of water because I could not suffer with my homesick trouble as well as the weak command of English of mine which let me down much. However, I have been guided by the faculty of productive tutors who have already been well-known trained every month. Thus, I have been improving a lot and been more confident to use English in daily life , which helps me to break the language barrier with my foreigner friends and to be comfortable when I go outside.

More importantly, Philippines is famous for a diversity of spectacular tourism spots like Bohol, Nalusuan, Camotes, etc where all students can pay a visit together to understand each other’s culture as well as get away from stresses in school. The last but not the least, I can learn how to adapt with new environment and control my savings which is benefit for my life afterward.

These are my experience in CIA that I can not forget in my life. Even there are still some troubles I am facing but I believe that they will be my lessons to help me more mature. I hope I can write a great story in CIA.

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