I was very lack of confidence in communication and I am very hard to communicate with people but my job need me to connect with many people. So I want to overcome my skill of English. Especially, that is speaking.  My english is poor. I can also say is ignorant of the English language.

I really need English for my job, studying, traveling, etc. When I study at high school, I’m very scare studying English because I always speak wrong grammar or wrong pronunciation. But my job push me to use English and I have no choice.

I try to change my mine about English. and Finally, I decided to go to Philippines. Exactly this place is Cebu city to study English, I heard from my friend said that CIA school is the best school in Philippines. They are famous about IELTS course which I’m a person need IELTS. So I told with my parent that I’ll come to CIA to improve my English skill.

the first time when I came to CIA. I felt strange with everything. I had to make friend, study English and live in strange room. First week is a bad week because I felt really remember my family and I wanted to go home. But my friend, my teacher and my manager in here. They are very kind and  I started feel not bad in CIA. 

I focus on my English skill. I try to study hard. I make friend with foreigners. Pass 1 month in here, now I can understand what teacher talk, my friend talk. And I feel happy with my improvement. Thank you CIA cause you give me many thing convinient. It help me can becoming a good person in English.