There were some friends of mind introduced me to go to Cebu for improving English. However, at that that time I thought that why did i need to come here? Since then, because of some things happend in my life that I wanted to get away from my stressful life. Then I decided to go to Philippines for 6 months.

For my first 3 months I studied ESL (English as a second language). This course can help me to talk smoothly and fluently. And then I changed to study IETLS for my last 3 months. When I can improve my skillken Engligh perfectly. CIA is the good place to study. Why can I say like this? Because CIA not only provide us a place, a school, an invironment but also food cooked, rooms cleaned, laundry washed.

When come to CIA what I need to do is concentrating on studying. The food here is changing everyday. It makes us feel not so boring or miss our country’s food. About the teacher, they are trained monthly to catch up with the lesson and can understand every each of our various nationality.

I think I was right to come here. Because now not only I can speak English well without translating into my own language but also I have chances to make friends with so many people in different countries.

Thanks CIA!