I came to CIA (Cebu International Academy, Cebu, Philippines) with a dream that I can speak English, and everybody can understand me. I decided to stay for 2 months and it is not long time but I had great experiences.

Firstly, I gain confidence. In CIA, there are lot of students from diffirent nationalities. I had a lot of opportunities tp made friend. On the first day, I left awkward and shy when I greet them, but everyone in CIA, such as teachers, staffs and students were very friendly and enthusiastic. They always respond by their smile and ask me: “How are you today?”. I could initiate the conversation. Sometimes, I had to use body languge to express myself but teachers and friends encouraged me to spoke in English. Day by day, the more I spoke in English, the more confident I left. Now, I have friend from Korea and Japan. I had many time in CIA and spoke more happy confidently although still need to learn more to improve my English, but I got confident by myself.

Secondly, I learnt how to face challenges with positive views. The first week, I could not understand what teachers were saying in the classroom and I was disappointed with my pronunciation. I got homesick and I wanted to go back home. I thought of giving up. I am fed up with my English. My teacher always cheer me up and fix my mistakes carefully and patiently. They told me, If I had learn English well, I would not have to come the Philippines or If I do not have mistakes they would not have work.

Through their encouragement, I kept calm and continue my plan until I finish this course I have many experiences and I will never forget CIA.