Hello! I am Chloe, a Vietnamese student in CIA. Viet Nam is a non-English speaking country, which people communicate in our own language, Vietnamese. However, English plays a vital role these day in developing country and approaching with the globalization.

Hence, it is getting a fundamental requirement for eachbstudent and employee, for those who desire to enter to the working world sucessfully. Being aware of that demand, I did put all my effort to learn English, i did apply a variety of given methods in the internet, but sadly to say, I failed to master well and wasnot able to listen everything, which let me down a lot. Fortunately, while I tried again to study this language on a forum, I accidentally saw an article about playing an international language, enghlish, in Philippines. I was attracted on it and tried to search to get information.

Coming to CIA, at the first time, I was like a fish out of water, everything was so new for me that I cried a lot and disappointed. I couldnot understand what people told me , all were English, which  made me realize that the environment in learning English is the essential factor to get on well with it. I tried my best to learn everyday, made friends with foreigners and avoided using my mother tounge. Suprisedly, a month later, I am able to communicate this second language faster and fluently, which has given me motivation to try more. “Practice makes perfect”,isnt it?. Equally important, in CIA, i am under a faculty of productive tutors who are knowledgeable in English as well as have a good manner to treat me as their younger sister. Moreover, CIA has numerous of pupils coming from various nations in Asia, such as Taiwanese,Japanese, Arabian,Korean,etc which allows me to understand another culture to be flexible in behaviour manner in my life later.

 Perhaps this journey will be a part of life, even wherever I go, it will still be my unforgetable trip. I hope i can maintain my life in cia happily for good.

Học viện Anh ngữ CIA