I have been learning English in CIA for three months. Overall, I am satisfied with my life and studying here, so I would like to share some of my ideas.


We have four man-to-man classes every day. Most of the tutors can find students’ weakness, and they will enhance it based on different students. In my opinion, it is the best part of learning English here. In addition, there are three group classes everyday. In these classes, we can discuss the topics in the books with classmates who have the same level. During the discussion, I can perceive different vocabularies and expressions used by different students. Therefore, I often learn something new from others. Honestly, it is really tiring to attend classes 8 hours a day. Aside from a self-study class, we still have activity class. The students can join some interesting classes according to our hobbies and interest. This academy has some policies about attendance and test. For example, we need to join vocabulary test every morning, and we cannot go outside the school in the evening if we fail it. Moreover, we cannot go out on the weekend if we don’t get enough scores in a week. It is, however, very easy to pass the test if we study a little bit every night. Besides, the main reason we came here is studying, isn’t it?

The classrooms and dormitory in CIA are in the same building, it’s very easy to meet classmates and have good friendship with them. Because there are few Vietnamese students here, I consider it is a good environment for practicing. I have to communicate with my Korean and Japanese friends in English, thus, I can practice my conversation skill at a relaxing atmosphere.

All of the CIA staff are friendly and enthusiastic; we always give us advice and help us deal with our problems, related to our lives or education. Basically, they provide the students with comfortable environment to let us concentrate in studying. In my view, the only one deficiency is food. Most of the food they serve is Korean cuisine. Because I am not into spicy food, this is the only part I can’t get used to.

Before coming to the Philippines, I heard that it is unsafe country of public order. When I arrived here at first, I was shocked by seeing security guards holding weapons everywhere. To be honest, I was a little scared about this situation. However, nothing bad happened to me in three months. I think it won’t be a problem if you keep your belongings safely and not to go out alone. CIA is very close to J-Mall; it only takes 5 minutes on foot. We can buy the daily supplies we need there, also, there are various restaurants and stores we can choose from. In addition, Cebu is a good place for traveling. There are many holiday resorts near Cebu City, or you can take a ferry to travel to other islands around here. There are many places worth to visit.