With my desire to challenge myself in another country to be more independent as well as to approach with an international language, English, which is vital for my future, I tried to search information in some language forum and was keen on the idea to study in cia. Cia is located in the city which is known as a Queen of island. I have been here for 2 months that I cannot forget. Coming here, I have enjoyed my 18 in a positive way.

At the first time, I was like a fish out of water, everything was so new to me that I did cry and disapointed about myself. I cannot catch up with people’s words because it was all in English, which let me down and stressed. However, by my effort and my teachers’s advice, I changed my mind to start learning English by making friends with foreigner students as well as try to avoid my mother tounge. Suprisedly, a week later, I could communicate English fluently, which inspred me to move on. I always remember my teacher’s saying ” Life is like riding a bycicle. To keep your balance, you should move on”.

Until now, I can understand every word from people around. Equally important, Philippines has a thousand of tourism spots attracting visitors annually. I can book an available tour and pay a visit in every location that I like with my friends, which helpa our friendship stronger as well as it is also a good way for me to get away from stress from schooling to get more motivation.

Lastly, I can widen my knowledg about cuture in many nations from foreigner students in cia, which can be my skills to be a flexible. I appreciate this journey, it can be a part of my life. Later, whenever I come, I cannot forget anything I experience in cia, philippines.