My 3 months is English business course in the Philippines is nearly over – only two weeks left – then I will come back to my country. Before I return to my country, I want to share my feelings when I have studied here.

When I stopped my job to study, I was considering a lot for that. However, my decision did not make me regret. Since I come to CIA in Cebu, I have met a lot of friends who came from various countries. Thank to them, I gain many knowledge about culture. I communicate with them everyday, so I am confident when I talk to foreign people. Specially, the teachers in CIA, they are really enthusiastic, you can share with them about your weakness and they will help you improve it. I treasure everything I have in CIA.

Aside from studying, you can join Zumba dance twice a week and do exercise in the gym room. You can study and strengthen your health as the same time because you don’t worry about food since there are a lot of vegetables and fruits for Vietnamese in CIA.

Moreover, you can take part in many activities in CIA such as volunteer, writing contest that help you improve presentation skill and communication skill

Personally, I achieved many things in CIA. It helped me become better in my mind and my body