Hello everyone! I’m Jack, 18 years old. I come from Ho Chi Minh city which is located on the South area of Viet Nam, well known for the traditional mouth-wartering cuisines and beverage such as noodle with beef, spring roll,etc.

Two months ago, I decided studying English in Cebu Philippines. Because I did some researches on the internet to find a school to learn English. Fortunately, I could see some information about CIA (Cebu International Academy) through an English forum. When it comes to this academy, it can be regarded as a medium ground for ambitions individual where they have to give something their all to pursure their target and integrate with people coming from many nationalities (Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese, Arabian,etc.)

Yeah, I’m getting experiences in CIA that I have never been before. This journey is extremely meaningful to me that I can never forget later on. Firstly, I’m instructed how to handle with English to communicate with others as a native speakers. Also, CIA provides for me a good environment that English is conceived as a first language. All students use it to understand each other. Equally important, a faculty of tutors are absolutely awesome. They have a good knowledge of English as well as skills. They consider me as their close friends to support and encourage me whenever I get in troubles

In addition, Philippines has a good reputation for tourism industry with a ton of spectacular islands and glamorous beaches which I can relax at the weekend with my fellows to get away from stresses and refresh my life also. That’s all I have enjoyed in here. Even though, I must encounter numerous difficult and challenges. I still love CIA and Cebu, where I can enter to another world to challenge myself.