This year, I had decided to study English in Philippines, and I chose CIA, located in Cebu. Until now, I think I already have a lucid decision. I studied at CIA for one month, it is really a short time. But I got many experience in here, such as my teachers, my English skills, my new friends, food in CIA. I will share with you some my experience, this is the best interesting thing with me.


First of all, I will talk to my teachers and my English skills. Before I came here, I am a shy girl and unconfident when I spoke English. I always scared to meet a foreign person, because I could not talk anything. Time to time, I studied in CIA. Not only I do not feel shy or unconfident, but I also talkative. I can talk everytime, everywhere. Some teacher calls me is talkative student. About my teachers, they are very friendly and good, who are always give for me interesting lesson everyday. I did not feel bored. They were taught me something in life, because they were older than me. So that is good experience and benefit for me in the future. Then, I can not forget about my friends. I have six new close friends in CIA. They are come from Vietnam, Korea and Japan, who are friendly, cute and crazy.


Especially, I liked that is their pronunciation. This is very good. I can improve my speaking skill by them. Were are talkative all day, hang out together each weekend, go to eat all day, and we taught other languages together. These are really funny. When I am here, I have many beautiful memories with them. Today, also my last day, tomorrow I have to come back to mu country. I do not want to leave here now. I already enjoy life in CIA. I wish I can come back the first week, I also hope the time stopped, just keep continue like now. I do not know how long we can meer again, have enough seven people. Seven personality, three countries and have memories again.

I want to say “Thank you, CIA”. You also give me many new experience, give me some good teachers, give me some “crazy” friends, give me many foods from different country, give me many beautiful memories in CIA. I never forget all thing. If I have condition, I will come back here. I love CIA!