English does play an essential role in globalization these days. Everybody comes to this language and put effort to master it with the aim to get a well- paid job in their life. However, learning the international one in my country, Viet Nam, which is not an English- speaking nation, is not an effective method. Hence, I made a decision to choose Philippines to study.

At the first time I did come here, everything was totally new to me, I was like a fish out of water. I really had nothing in my mind as well as a big fear about my language ability. Fortunately, Filipino and foreigner friends were completely kind and friendly to me. They came to me and give me a favor whenever I got into trouble. Thanks to this, after two weeks, I was stronger and better than before as well as began writing my great story here. CIA, my academy, can be considered as an international playground which I need to give my best effort to compete and play, which helps me to be proud and also know myself well. I learn how to adapt with new situation, how to be flexible in English in any circumstances.

Equally important, as a huge fan of cultural diversity, I can make friendship with student who come from around the Asian, such as Japan, Taiwan, Korea, etc, which provides me a big opportunity to approach their cultures and language. Also, I can be working with a faculty productive teachers and staff who are fluent in English and extremely helpful. I learn from them a lot, not only knowledge about language, but also some valuable experiences in life. They are also my good friends who are ready to turn to me when I have problems. At the last but not the least, Philippines is developed for tourism industry with a variety of spectacular beaches and resorts for visitors. Thus, I can have a backpacker at every weekend with my CIA friends to get away from stresses as well as explore new things which are different from my daily routine.

To be honest, it is my memorable journey in my life to make me different and mature. Albeit that there are numerous of difficulties in front, I still want to enjoy my life in CIA and continue my story.