Hello everyone, My name is Nga and my english name is Kathy. It has been two months since I came to CIA (CEBU INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY) with the desire to improve my English skills. I think the CIA is a dynamic environment that can help me learn English effectively.

Here, I study with a lot of native teachers, the teachers in here ,those are very responsible as well as highly specialized skills. So, after 2 months I have improved a lot. Moreover, CIA is an international environment so I have a lot of conditions to get acquainted with foreign students and I can practice English together. That is also a advantage environment that I like to study here. For other conveniences such as accommodation, food or shopping malls, I think all of them are very amazing. The dormitory of school is very clean and comfortable, you can rest assured and enjoy with your sleep.

In addition, a lot of sporting activities can take part in such as:Gymnastics, volleyball,dancing jumba.It’s amazing to try and keep my fit. Especially the food, although it may be slightly different from the homeland flavor but it can also bring some features of other countries so you can have a lot of new experiences when you try to eat these food. Enventually, shopping malls is very close to the school so you can go shopping easily. This is my feeling after 2 months studying here.

This is the first time I have experiences to make friends with foreiner friends from China,Taiwain,Japan…..Only 1 months left, I will go back VietNam but actually, I still want to study at CIA, practice English and improve myself in many activities.The most memoriable to me is the volunteer day in Philippines.I saw some childrens and local people in poor conditions.That is the encouragement to try my best in all difficulties.I have to continue to achieve my dream to become true.I will never forget the time at CIA with teachers,friends and lifestyle in Philippines.

Don’t hesitate your dream if you can do it well.

Wake up – Be awakesome- Repeat

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