Hi !! My name is Nguyen Phan Nhat Ha, but people in CIA usually call me Cherry and this is my third month in IELTS. If someone asks me “What did you think why you decided to study in Cebu International Academy, instead of another place?”, my answer would be is experience. As what people could search on the Internet, it is one of the oldest schools having a length period of history where foreigners are trained by experts in different major. For me, CIA’s teachers are not only ardour, but also spend a lot of patient for their students. They could devote their time to explain exactly the meaning of words and how to use it in daily life, or the new structure in writing. For example, my weakness is pronunciation because I am a Vietnamese, so I can not pronounce the word correctly with the ‘/s/’ sound at the end, hence what my speaking teacher do is encourage me to read books and then be a story-teller to tell her about the book’s plot. Thanks to this method, it goes increase dramatically day by day in my speaking skill and vocabulary. Beside that, students are motivated using English by managers via curriculum activities such as bell rings, charitable organization, zumba dance and etc..All of these things creates a competitive and optimistic atmosphere among all undergraduates students from different countries.