The road lead me to CIA

Back to three months ago, I just worked in a multinational company as a coordinator and I had a chance to exchange working with foreign people who come from Taiwan, Singapore, China and Korea. However, my English was not enough to share with them about my opinion, discuss deep in issue on our project. In that period of time, I regretted that I did not try to study English.

When I decided to quit my job to focus on studying English as well as I spend a lot of time to study English but I was not actually satisfied with its result. Sometimes, I thought perhaps I lost road because I could not get any motivation or feeling to enjoy studying English. Honestly, I did not love English that I was very ashamed of myself.

One day, I read some information on the internet that tell the news about Philippines country such as English as a second language of them, tuition in here as school fee in Vietnam and especially about their personality are willing open mind with foreign people who want to work, study and live in there.

Enjoy timer with children in Cebu city
Enjoy timer with children in Cebu city

After went through a period of time to research about education, culture, people in Philippines. Finally, I decided to will go to there and get experience as studying English. Actually, I have a lot of choices about school in there. Among them, I was really impressed with Cebu International Academy (CIA) in Cebu city. In reality, it has gotten good reviews a lots on the internet by ex-students who come from everywhere around Asia. That is why I have placed confidence in CIA.

 Begin a new life in CIA

On first day, I arrived to Mactan Cebu International Airport where CIA’s staff greeted me with a big open arms and a fond smile. At that moment, I knew everything in here that is really miraculous as well as I also understood some challenges were starting with me.

Jumping with best friends in CIA (Korea - Japan - Taiwan - Vietnam)
Jumping with best friends in CIA (Korea – Japan – Taiwan – Vietnam)

Actually, I rapidly got used to living in CIA. Partially, I am optimistic and easy to approach with new friends, new teachers and new life. In addition, it is also depend on CIA’s environment. There are a lot of good policies such as educational plan, leisure activities, nutritional diet. Moreover, I am really satisfied with its services. Almost of the staff always smile with me and be willing listen my request anytime.

Giving me a chance to open my mind

 Before I came in here, I had not joined any volunteer activity yet. When I read every notice board around school, I saw an information about CIA’s volunteer activity and I was really exciting about it. As a result, I enrolled in this activity immediately.

Up to this day, I took part in CIA’s volunteer activity about two times. I am proud of my decision because of I witnessed the difficulty in life of poor children and I also got opinion that why CIA always care about them. To be say, there are many good purposes. In my opinion, I think the volunteer activity is the best significant goal.

Volunteer Group
Volunteer Group

At the present, I have a lot of good friends in CIA. They come from many foreign countries. We have tried to study and exchange culture together. In here, I am getting a lot of knowledge as well as I am improving my abilities and personality. I am really satisfied about CIA’s environment.

And me :)
And me 🙂

Thank for everything.