Hi, my name is Kevin!

After I graduated from my university, I’ve decided to enrol IELTS course in an English school in Cebu, called CIA. Actually, I’ve had a list of different academies here in Cebu but I’ve chosen CIA because my good friend recommended it to me. And he actually was right.

I never knew that I would have the chance to study English in Philippines. CIA is a great school which gives me a number of marvellous opportunities to improve my English skills. Although I can get tired with ten classes a day (4 man to man classes, 4 group classes and 2 self study periods), so after a month here I can get higher English level than before. 

I always thought my English was not good, but teachers gave me confidence and positive energy on the go. Actually, my English has improved in this period in CIA. In addition, I felt comfortable with all of my teachers. I did not only learn a lot but also felt pleasure when I studied my lessons in the class because we also shared our life and exchange different views that made us know each other well. Therefore, teachers looked like my friends.

What’s more, CIA provides not only high level of education but it also gives students a very good quality of life. CIA has domitory, dining hall, swimming pool, canteen and so on. Specially, in my case, I feel the food here is delicious, dishes change daily, occasional Vietnamese food.

The scenery of island is natural and wonderful. Not just stop at learning English, I can travel a lot of places in CEBU. Moreover, the beaches in here are very nice and peaceful, but the price is very cheap.

I already stayed here 4 months, so I have only 2 months. After that I will come back to Viet Nam. I had a lot of precious memories in CIA. I don’t want to forget them and I will not. Study hard and play harder. English is not one of the most important tools to success.