I am Hannah, a Vietnamese student in CIA. I come from a non-English speaking country which Vietnamese is considered an official language. However, English is the vital key to get a good ocupation as well as pursue the steady speed of the working world. English is required in almost areas from tourism, education, etc. Being aware of its demand for my future,  I tried to study English by my own method in Viet Nam, but it was useless because I still can not be flexible and fluent in using it as well as I still have difficulty in listening, which let me down lot. Fortunately, I luckily got the advertising page on facebook about approaching and playing with English in an international way. I was keen on that and came here in CIA for three months to pursue my desire that “I have to be fluent in English as a native speaker”

At the first time, I was like a fish out of water. I need to cope with a variety of troubles that are common in an overseas students, such as homesick, cutural and language bariers. And the hardest one is that I must use English for daily conversation in my classroom, in mall or even in my room, which made confusion to me at first. However, after 2 months, I know that is a productive way to practice a second language. “practice makes perfect”, isn’t it??. Currently, I am able to speak well with foreigners without fear of mistake or understand their words totally.

Equally important, staying here in CIA has given me lots of valuable lessons that I can not learn before. I know how to balance my life, how to adjust my monetary budget and learn how to break the ice to make a friend with people in different cuture . I am so happy when I have a diversity of foreigner friends from many countries around Asian, like Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese, etc.

And the last but not the least, the faculty of tutors in CIA are well-trained and good , they teach me how to be good at English, how to pronounce a word properly. Morever, they usually help me to solve my problems, give me useful advices to do well.

These are some interesting experiences I enjoy in CIA during last two months. Even there are still lots of difficulties that I need to face, I still hope I can have a awesome story in CIA . I love CIA.

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