Hello, I am Steph. Viet Nam is my hometown ,which is well- known for a variety of mouth-watering cuisines,  beverages and a thousand of spectacular tourism spots.

Five months ago, to get IELTS certificate so as to study overseas, I did choose CIA, which was my best decision. At the first time, I was like a fish out of water due to everything was new to me. Also, I had to encounter with numerous of difficulties,  like peer pressure, language barrier, homesick, climate condition… Yet, I got well on with them within one month and began making a great life here.

Being under the roof of CIA, it seems that I join in an international playground which gathers a diversity of nationalities around Asia such as Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese, etc. Hence, I can make  friendship with people coming from another country. More importantly, English is required to use in any circumstances in order to interact with others, which can help me improve my English skills,especially speaking and listenning ability. 

Equally important, I have been working with a faculty of productive tutors who not only are able to use English as a mother toungue and present the lesson well, but also be a good manner individual to be one of my helpful fellow as well as give me some advices to address my troubles . One important thing is that Philippines has a good reputation in the tourism industy with an array of glamourous beaches and resorts to attract visitos annually. Thanks to that, I can get away from hectic schedule of daily routine as well as stresses in school by travelling with my friends in CIA.

Even though, there are still a lot of difficulties to cope… However, it is probably my unforgetable journey that I do have enjoyed in my life. I hope I am able to maintain my life here well for good.