Studying English is my hobby, I am always dreaming about one day I can speak English like a native speaker. Now I am in the Philippines to study English in Cebu International Academy (CIA) as I knew Filipinos are so good at teaching this international language school. In this essay, I am going to tell my feelings about studying English in CIA.


In Vietnam, I took many English courses in numerous famous English Centers. The study was not bad, they helped me to improve much. But gradually I realize what I need is an English environment where I can use English on a daily basis. I believe that will help me to enhance my speaking skills.


I did not know much about the Philippines or  CIA  until I decided to enroll a course here. All I knew was that CIA is one of the top English Academy in the Philippines. And up to now, after 1 month studying IELTS in CIA, I feel that I have made a good decision.

There are so many excellent teachers in here and their teaching skills are also second-to-none. Man to man classes are really fruitful for me, in these classes, I have chance to interact with teachers face-to-face every day. I like this way of studying, I have learned a lot from teachers as there are only me and him in the room and I have to concentrate 100%. Group classes are helpful for me too.


There is an opportunity for me to give speech in the class to improve my presentation skills. In my previous job in Vietnam, I sometimes had to present in English and that often left a bad taste in my mouth.

Another thing which I like the most is that I can make lots of friends from different countries: Japan, Taiwan, and Korea. Speaking English with them daily helps me communicate more fluently. We sometimes travel together to some beautiful islands in Cebu. It is fun and is also a good way for me to blow off steam after stressful class time. I guess I will miss them very much when I go back home.

In short, using English well is a desire of many people but we need to find a good school which has skillful teachers to help us. High tuition fee must go along with high quality. In my case, I must say that I am lucky to choose this Academy. For those who want to improve English in just a few months, I highly recommend Cebu International Academy.