My name is Steph. I come from Vietnam, which is a fast-developing country and well-known for mouth-watering cuisine and beverage.

Four months ago, I intended to upgrade my IELTS scores to get 6.0. So I chose Philippines as my best destination to study English. I knew about CIA through having entered some English forum and websites. This school is famous for a profession of faculty of teachers, staff and the excellent fasilities quality as well.

At my first day in CIA, I was extremely attracted by the spectacular scenery of school such as swimming pool, dinning room… There, I’m instructed by a professional teachers who had a great deal of experiences in IELTS. I’m able to communicate and practice English everyday, which was absolutely a hot potato issue when I still stayed in my country. Hence, I have made a lot of improvements and now I can speak English fluently.

More importantly, when it comes to CIA, there are a cultural diversity where I can make friends people from another countries such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Abrabia. Thus, I can understand culture in these nations. Moreover, when refering to travelling, Philippines has a good reputation about tourism spots with a reasonable price, so I can have a backpack with my friends every week. I always appreciate this journey, regard it as my best opporturnity “Experience is the best teacher”.