Last year was the first time i talked to a person from another country. At that time, i felt my English skills so bad even though i studied 6 years. Actually, i couldn’t hear what he said and I couldn’t say more to him also. Perhaps i just said “yes” or “no” to him. After that, i realized that i need to change my opinion about study English. I started to find out how to study English by myself. I tried to study in so many English center but i felt not really good for me. Therefore, i found CIA and i applied to study here. Today, i will mention what my feel about CIA when i study here.
Firstly, i will say something what made me surprise when i came here. They use motorbike like VietNam but just a few people. Beside that, they didn’t use plastic bag so the pollution in here really clean. Although the infrastructure here isn’t really good but i can feel the development in here. Honestly, the people in here are very friendly also.

Secondly, i will talk about the teaching system in CIA. We have 10 classes for a day. There are 4 classes for 4 major English skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking), 4 group classes (Activity, Grammar, English common,Native class) and 2 periods to study by myself (self-writing and free). When i came here, i studied with the man who is the Canadian. He taught for me how to fix my pronunciation and now i felt I’m better. In addition, the teacher are so zeal and always help me when i have some problems about English.

I can feel i improved day by day in my class. In my case, i like to study in Activity class because in this class, i was trained to become fast thinker and solve hard situations. I have daily test here everyday in the morning and if you didn’t pass it, that means you can’t go out at that night. Moreover i cant speak using my own language when i are staying in study zone. I will get punishment. 

Finally, i have so many friends in here. They came from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and Arabia. I can try to talk to them and hear they say everyday. I think this is a good way to study English. My friends came here to carry out their dreams. Some of them want to work in another countries, some want to improve themselves and they tried to study everyday.
In conclusion, i think my decision was right. Therefore, im really happy because i chose CIA and i hope CIA can develop more and more in the future.

Nguồn : Học Viện Anh Ngữ CIA