My name is Nam. My nickname is Yuri. I am from Vietnam (Hanoi). I am 18 years old. First, I will tell you about my experience in Cebu International Academic school (CIA). CIA is the best school in Cebu – Phillipines. This school is very famous and a lot of students in other countries such as Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Arabia, China, etc. CIA is ideal for those students who want to learn English education or get into the professional field hat requires using class schedule afer figuring out each student’s weakness in order for the student to maximize English skills. Please participle in he intensive program and strict life-style system for those students who want to improve English inshort period of time in the professional course. CIA is providing a learning management, system, authorized by only CIA, that can figure out each student’s weakness through individual grade management program and change the errors. Moreover, CIA is offering nice school and a comfortable residence. CIA is located in safe and convenient. CIA provides not only ESL courses but also TOEIC, IELTS, TESOL, Benefit College courses and the other courses.

In my opinion, CIA school is the most wonderful school because it has a lo of funny things. Firs I will tell you about teachers in CIA. Teachers in CIA are very funny and interseting. Especially teacher Kevin is very sense of humor and generous. He is the most marvelous teacher not only me but also all of students in his class. Sometimes he tells joke and makes everyone laughs because of his funny jokes. Teacher John is very generous and good-temperated. One day I saw he ate snack. I asked him: “Is it snack?”. He answered “yes” and he let me ate. Teacher Rine is very pretty and funny. She is the most beautiful teacher because of her hair. She has got long wavy hair and half brown half orange hair. She is very kind when I asked: “Can I drink your water?” or “Can I ask you?”. She always generous, she says “Yes. Go ahead, Yuri.”, she gives me her own waer and let me drink it. Besides, when I had a little problem, she helps me and she is very kind. Teacher Luz is very funny. In the class, when I said: “Hi! Miss Luz! Have a nice day with your own boyfriend or ex boyfriend or husband!”. She was very happy and she said: “Thank you, Yuri. He is the best boyfriend or ex boyfriend or husband I had ever seen.”. What a romance teacher! But she is the most perfect techer I  have ever seen. Teacher Geneveb is the most interesting because she always calls me “Cute Litle Monster”. I donot know he reason why but she always calls me by his name. She is very sense of humor. Teacher Irene sometimes lets us watch movie on her laptop in her period. Teacher Yesha always likes my photoes in my Iphone, especialy fishes photoes. Besides, she likes my game “My talking Angela” because it is more interesting and very funny. If she met me anywhere, she would ask about my new IELTS class or my Daily Test perfect or not. Teacher Roy is “the scariest” in this school because he always wears his own hair clips. Although he is very “scary”, he is very kind and smart. I like his personality (kind and smart). Teacher “Lesliar” is more and more fun because of her name Leslie. I always say: “Good mornign Miss Lesliar or Miss Liar.”. Anyway, teachers in this school are very interesting and funny. Teacher Yuri same my nickname Yuri. She is very funny person and I always keep on laughing in her class and I donot know the reason why I am laughing and she said I am a crazy guy. And the last one is teacher Clint, he is very good-looking and when I commented his photo, esecially he took a photo with his mother. I commented “You look nice with black glasses. Is she your mother?”. He thanked to me and he answered she was his mother. And I see boh of them are very young. That is all about my special teachers I tell you.

Next, I will tell you about friends in this school, especially my classmate. Yui, Clayar and Scalet are cute girls, they are very nice and kind. Every time if my Iphone has a lot of special photoes, they always have a perfect compliment and they like my photoes very much. Especially Yui, she is the youngest girl although she is 23 years old. In teacher’s Irene class, they always keep on entreat very insistingly for us to wach a movie in her class: “Miss Irene! Please! Watch a movie! I want to watch a movie!”. So she has to let us watching a movie in her class. What exciting friends in my class! Brian is the best friend in my class (in teacher Luz’s class). I osted on his Facebook for his birthday: “Happy birthday to you, Brian. Have a nice day and nice mood!”. After that, he thanked me and he was very to be moved to tears. Taka is very hard-working, I always see him study and study a Self-study room. I think he wants to have a good job in his country. Jun is very quiet guy but he is very kind and good. Feomi is the most perfect girl in this school. She said I am very good, smart and hard-working. I like her personalities (good, hard-working, outgoing). Golloom is the most perfect Korean man in this school. He is very nice but sometimes he has a child behavior. Example he hit my back (just for joke). Anyway, he is perfect and good man. I impress him. But sometimes he just forgetful. When I ate dinner with him, he forgot his bag and I gave back to him and he said: “Thank you very much!”. The following day, he forgot his own Dormitory’s key in teacher Roy’s room so that I had to give back to him again and again. Kento (Japanese man) is my best friend on Facebook. Although I am not his classmate or I really donot know who is he or how does he look like, I found him on Miku’s (CIA student and she is his friend) list friend. He is very kind and nice. Sometimes he talks to me about he went to Bohol island. He says it is very nice and great. When I said he had a beautiful bag and he was very happy and he said “thank you very much”. What a good guy! Mamoru Kuraishi is very nice and good. When I posted on his Facebook for his birthday: “Happy birthday to you, Mamoru! Have a nice day and nice mood!”. And I sent a lot of pictures such as birthday cake, fireworks, banquet. And then he commented: “Thanks, Nam! Thank you very much!”. Shii is the most beautiful girl I boh teacher Kevin and teacher Mark’s class. She has got long brown hair ad twinkle eyes. How the beautiful girl is! That is all about my special friends (not really close friend but they give me a nice moment in CIA) in this school.

Now I will tell you about food in this school. The food I his school are very yummy and good. This is the best food I have ever eaten in CIA school. I love CIA school very much. I love both teachers and students in CIA, especially Korean and Japanese students. The reason why because in my opinion, they are very nice and good personalities. Even I go back to Hanoi (Vietnam), I will miss a good experience in CIA, in Phillipines, I miss all teachers in CIA and also students. They are very nice and kind. Especially Miss Luz, even I already gone back o my beautiful country or university, I will send her a message: “Hi! Miss Luz! Have a nice day with your boyfriend or ex boyfreind or husband! You have to say to your boyfriend or ex boyfreind or husband: “I love you so much!”. And then you kiss him!”. Anyway, I miss CIA school even I will not here. Thank you all teachers for teaching me and all students are very kind and nice.   

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